The idea of ​​fingerprint scanners in laptops is not new.
And with points, the price can be brought down to $14.83 🙂 So, we have a laptop, nettop, stationary or other PC without a fingerprint scanner. Besides, they tend to change periodically, and categorically sticking a piece of paper with a password to the monitor … well, you understand. There are cheaper scanners for 10 bucks such: I can’t say how it differs from C1, but Upgraded Version is mentioned everywhere, which means it’s somehow better. Probably, many of you have seen models with such scanners in the past. The task is to log in to Windows using a fingerprint. Yes, and just such a long password is too lazy to type even at home, and a light touch of the scanner with your finger is just an outlet for a tired body 🙂 And everything would be fine, but only passwords in a corporate environment are by no means 123, as you understand 🙂 Fingerprint scanners are gaining more and more popularity even in the segment of budget smartphones. What is on the market? Some organizations have a mandate to lock their PC when leaving it, while others even use special equipment for this. Often this is a business class, not a budget option. Such scanners, as a rule, required the installation of their own drivers and software, there was no full integration with Windows, the convenience of using them sometimes wished for the best, therefore, the owners of such laptops rarely used them, and others did not even understand what it was and why: )
We want a variant of a small gadget the size of a mini USB bluetooth or a transmitter from a wireless mouse. Here it is: Cobo C2. Well, who wants to have such a monster the size of half a mouse, and even with a wire to USB? What is it? This is the ability to log in not only with a password, but also with a fingerprint scanner, pin code, graphic key, face recognition with a special webcam with IR depth measurement, and even with the help of some auxiliary devices like the Microsoft Band bracelet. But, IMHO, this is complete trash. Supplied in this black box: But times are changing, Microsoft is trying to keep up with the times and introduces Windows 10, and with it the Windows Hello biometric authentication system.

Cobo C2: adding a fingerprint scanner to your PC

Is it possible to add this to a PC. Designed for Windows Hello: You may need to lock your PC from prying eyes and playful hands and paws at home, but this is especially true in a work environment.